What Makes Us Different?

Lodestar Consulting honors and THANKS those veterans who dedicated their military careers to  defending freedom, protecting vital national interests, and making the world a safer better place to live.  We also thank the military spouses for their unwavering support and sacrifices.

If you are a veteran or spouse transitioning from the military to the corporate world, know that Lodestar is actively recruiting professionals such as yourself - innovative leaders with a strong work ethic, a sense of mission and accountability, and a focus on team and culture; trailblazers who possess thought leadership, risk mitigation, problem-solving skills, plus much more!


We offer a number of internal programs and resources to help make sure your career with Lodestar is a success, including:


  • Access and enrollment in a dedicated veteran employee resource group, organized and led by veterans. The Veteran’s Employee Resource Group is dedicated to:

    • Sharing tools, resources, and support to assist you in your transition from military to industry

    • Supporting your on-going career development with Lodestar Consulting and further support your learning & development objectives

    • Providing you with an avenue to network, connect, and socialize with other Lodestar veterans

  • Assignment of a mentor (intentionally a former Veteran) within Lodestar Consulting who has achieved success in their consulting career that will be able to guide and support your growth and transition

  • Delivering a clear professional growth path to those dedicated to continuing and re-enforcing the talents and skills they honed throughout their military careers

  • Offering a highly unique and rewarding compensation structure, benefits, education, and resources to ensure a veteran’s “.mil to .com” transition rewards those who epitomized military service through integrity, loyalty, and excellence

  • Participating in community networking events such as professional organizations, military networking events, military social events and job fairs hosted by military entities


Lodestar is the perfect home for veterans and military spouses desiring to build upon their military expertise and skills.


We’ve spotlighted just a few of our veterans, and we invite you to give them a few moments of your time.  More importantly, we invite you to add your name to the growing list of veterans now serving as Lodestar professionals making a positive impact in business, their communities, and in the world!

George McEachern.jpg

"The part of my military career that has made me most successful is the ability I have to reach out to my network for any reason, which is something I identify as a superpower."