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Two team members conducting a meeting.

What Makes Us Different?

The Lodestar Difference

What makes working at Lodestar Consulting different? Well, if you ask our team, it's many things, all driven by our emphasis on people, values, and principles that impacts and translates into everything we do! We ensure we treat our employees fairly and with respect and this translates directly to their exceptional efforts in support of our clients and communities. 

The Lodestar Consulting Compass in our logo signifies our ability to lead, motivate, and provide guidance for both our clients and our team. For many who join our company, they find the four directional points within our logo, also signifies: 

A Common Vision, Purpose, & Mission: A compass always points North, a direction which symbolizes progress, betterment and inspiration. Foundational to our success has been our ability to hire, not only the best talent, but individuals whose beliefs are aligned to our common vision, purpose, and mission.

Active Employee & Community Engagement: Every day our team members invest their time and skills to deliver results and make positive impacts to our clients and to our society. That's why, as a company, we love to invest in them. We work hard to offer multiple platforms, socially and professionally, to allow them to develop, contribute, and engage with one another, our industry, and our communities.

Our Unique & Rewarding Compensation & Benefits Model: When we share our compensation & benefits model with new hires and candidates, most get instantly excited. Why? Because it's unlike any other in the industry, we go way beyond the "standard" - a base-pay, bonus, and medical benefits. We encourage and generously reward our team with quarterly and annual bonuses tied to key internal and external contributions, we provide paid-time-off and allowances for volunteer and social work, and we enhance our medical and non-financial benefits annually!

An Award-Winning Culture: The core of our success rests squarely on the amazing professionals in our company and the culture that they have helped us create. Based on independent employee survey responses, we have been recognized nationally as a Best Places to Work. Read what our team members have to say about working for Lodestar Consulting.

The Lodestar Consulting Compass in our logo includes 4 parts: a common vision, purpose & mission; active employee & company engagement; a unique & rewarding compensation & benefits model; and an award winning culture.
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