What Makes Us Different?

Vision Statement

Lodestar Consulting, Inc. will improve our society by helping public sector organizations achieve excellence in their business operations

  • To serve others and gain the resulting personal fulfillment and satisfaction

  • To experience the emotion of competition and exhilaration of achieving victory over competitors

  • To enjoy the respect and admiration that comes with demonstrating valuable knowledge, dedication, and results

  • To receive the financial and non-financial benefits of working in a “cooperative” style company

  • To work with other high quality professionals that value excellence, always give 110%, and are focused on “doing the right thing” and allowing success to follow

  • To grow professionally by learning from each other, our clients, and from our personal development efforts

Core Purpose

Mission Statement

Lodestar Consulting, Inc. will help public sector organizations improve business operations through:

  • Maintaining a disciplined focus on the public sector

  • Treating recruitment and retention of professionals as paramount

  • Maintaining a “cooperative” structure that is rewarding and attractive to all employees

  • Distributing responsibility and decision making

  • Encouraging aggressive and thoughtful risk-taking