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Lodestar Consulting Completes Purchase of J.P. Associates, Inc. (JPA)

On July 15, 2022, Lodestar Consulting, Inc. completed the purchase of J.P. Associates, Inc. (JPA). "We are excited to welcome the JPA team and continue to honor the legacy that Joe, Judy (his wife), Ron Speer, Bob Stuart, and team have worked tirelessly to create at JPA. This acquisition continues to strengthen our IT and financial management acumen and background. We are thrilled to be adding very skilled technical and functional resources to our team and continuing to add to the Lodestar story," says Lodestar, Consulting, Inc. President, Ambarish Mhaskar.

For over 25 years, JPA has led and implemented key financial management and systems programs across the Department of Defense. Notably, they led the successful development and implementations of the:

  • OPTEMPO: OPTEMPO is a data‐mining solution providing the Air Force with a fully automated solution to access and understand actual flying hour consumption/expenditure data on a near real‐time basis support for each tail number.

  • Commander’s Resource Integration System (CRIS): CRIS is widely‐used across the Air Force as a data warehouse decision support and analysis solution that provides a centralized data repository of financial budget and execution, supply, and personnel and payroll data, populated by Government systems.

  • Specialized Accounting and Finance Enterprise System (SAFES): SAFES provides a COTS‐based solution to support accounting, budget formulation & execution, asset management, and financial analysis.

Throughout its history, JPA contributed to the successful deployment and sustainment of several other key programs including, the Subsistence Total Order and Receipt Electronic System (STORES), the Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS), the Keystone Decision Support System (KDSS), Defense Industrial Financial Management System (DIFMS), and audit and financial management support across the Air Force, Navy, and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

“It has been over 25 years since Judy and I launched J. P. Associates in the belief that we could bring together two elements – balanced subject matter expertise and extensive domain experience – to produce constructive solutions for public sector clients, especially in the financial management domain. It has been for us a great run with, we believe, notable and lasting successes for our clients, owing to the drive, initiative, and commitment on the part of the many wonderful JPA people who have been part of the company’s journey over those years. There is still work to be done but, after giving this much thought, we believe the time has come to place JPA in new and younger hands. JPA will on July 15 be under the ownership and direction of Lodestar Consulting – in our view the ideal steward, going forward, for the JPA legacy. We know Lodestar as a partner in current efforts and see in all they do the same values and same high standards that we have aspired to over our quarter century in the federal sector. “
‐ Joe Popple, JPA Founder


Lodestar Consulting, Inc. is a small business committed to serving the Federal Sector by helping our clients navigate complex business challenges through the alignment of people, process, systems, technology, and innovation. To learn more, visit


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